The Adventures of HOCROL is a puzzle game in which you will play as the poor Bram Krast, a young prince of the north paralyzed after a tragic accident.

To help our hero there will be his trusted but slow-witted friend Hocrol and his fantastic mind-control powers.

Complete his journey to the school of professor James Zabier for gifted kids!

We recommend playing from the Windows version, because you will need to use a lot CTRL + WASD (that will unintentionally use some browser shortcuts).

Otherwise, you can also play from the browser, but please use arrow keys to move :)

(Oh, and CTRL + Arrow keys might enable other shortcuts if you play on a Mac. Sorry for all the mess!)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsCollettivo Marzen, tio, Marco Bianchi
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Funny, gmtkgamejam2020, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


Adventures of Hocrol (windows).zip 33 MB


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That's pretty clever game I will say. The addition of enemies is really making it challenging. Great work, also the characters are cute in themselves 😄

Very fun concept and great art. The browser game does not work because: 

Ctrl+S tries to save a page

Ctrl+D bookmarks

Ctrl+A selects all text

Ctrl+W closes a window

I ended up trying to play, but closing out of the browser window. At least it gave me a laugh! 

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you can use also the arrows key instead of the wasd buttons. Glad that you like it! :D

Very fun concept and great art. I had trouble playing because pressing CTRL and other keys triggered browser shortcuts.

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Hi, we are very glad that you like it, thanks a lot!
You can also use the arrows key instead of wasd (we just updated the description, thanks for telling us!)

If you play on a mac, ctrl + arrow keys trigger gestures. Change that CTRL to a L-Shift and you got a nice game! 

Thanks! We wanted to use the CTRL key because of the word pun in the title ("hold the control", but yes, at the end it kind of messed up everything :D